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Thank you for visiting Lamar Riddick's Patron Page!


Lamar's mission is to use his platform of music to revive the culture of young adults. He believes with your support and contribution that you will not only be a part of building the structure of his mission, but You will be a part of the Revive Collective family that will create change in so many lives.

Become a part of Lamar's Journey by becoming a Patron on Patreon. Patreon is a platform that allows artist to gain monthly support from their greatest family and fans! 

Current Patrons

Ben & Chelsea Stottlemyer

Ben and Chelsea Stottlemyer are the Youth Leaders at Rise WV, where they work as a team to lead the youth of central WV every Wednesday night from Message of Freedom Church in Grafton, WV. Ben and Chelsea are a young, happily married couple since 2009 who love God, each other, & their growing teen ministry as youth leaders.  Their hearts are for the works of Jesus and teaching teens how to find their God-given callings and to show the love of God to others.  The objective for RISE Teen Ministry is to show this generations youth how to to rise up & become disciples, to be the light in this dark world, to be courageous and unashamed of their faith in the Lord, as stated in Romans 1:16

Chris Morgan


"I am a blessed father of four, who loves the Lord and has truly been blessed with a life partner who was designed for me."

- Chris Morgan

Brian Jackson

Business Owner | Entrepreneur | Morgantown, WV

Jackson Is a radical music fan that loves the culture of live music and a loving Father! He is a hardworking Successful business owner of his own heating and cooling company. He provides services year round to keep the locals in Morgantown and surrounding areas cool during the scorching hot summers and warm during bitter winters.

David & Shirrie Dominguez

Pastors David and Shirrie Dominguez moved to Philadelphia with their four beautiful kids in 2016. They came with a vision to open up a place of worship that would not only serve as an oasis in the city, but also a place that would reach out to those who have been marginalized and traditionally overlooked by the church. Coming from an unchurched background and having to face and overcome many challenges such as poverty, gangs, teen pregnancy, and drug addiction; just to name a few. Pastor David and Shirrie have a deep compassion for the lost and hurting.


"Our hope is when you visit the Philly Dream Center, you find a safe place where you can belong, serve, and dream again. We invite you out to worhsip or serve with us. We promise you will not regret it!"

- Pastor David & Shirrie Donminguez

Dr. Alfred Layman

Professor | West Virgnia University

Ph.D., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University
M.S., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University
B.S. (with distinction), Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

Dr. Alfred Lynam is a visiting lecturer in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Department at West Virginia University. He is an expert in interplanetary mission design,
interplanetary spacecraft navigation, and low-thrust trajectory optimization.


He teaches MAE 215 (Intro to Aerospace Engineering), MAE 241 (Statics), MAE 476 (Space Flight
and Systems), and MAE 478 (Guided Missile Systems).

Separate from his WVU responsibilities, Dr. Lynam teaches a Sunday school class at his
church. His personal interests include ultimate frisbee, science fiction and fantasy,
computer gaming, world history, and Christian philosophy and apologetics.

Elliott Metcalf (AKA) Ell The Sarkaztik 1.  has been making music for over 8 years, specializing in more of the golden era of hip hop with boombap beats but also bringing more up to date music with trap as well. Location: SW PA/ Morgantown WV

Harold & Anne Chavarro are a wonderful married couple who are leaders at Camp Bible Fellowship in Carmel, NY. They believe that effective ministry is done by fulfilling the Great Commission, which is to go out and make disciples. Their goal is to disciple each camper as they grow in their knowledge of Christ, because  they are valuable in God's eyes. 

Leila Rhodes is an amazing musician, producer and singer. She is an independent powerhouse who sings, plays guitar, violin, produces and records her own music. There is no other artist in her home town of Pittsburgh,PA that could compare.

Randall & Nicole Olvera

Elementary Educators | Polk County Schools | Winter Haven, FL

Randall and Nicole are elementary school teachers in Polk County, FL. They are a christian married couple who believe in educating the minds of Tomorrow. They are known to be a loving, fun, and great influential couple among their peers, co-workers, friends and family.

Roy & Chrissi Baker

Roy was born and raised in West Virginia and attended West Virginia University where he got his Bachelors Degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology.


He has been married for over 14 years to his wonderful wife Chrissi and has 2 beautiful girls Morgan and Madison (WV counties, although it wasn’t intentional.)


Roy was on staff with Cru for 16 years and was the Campus Director at WVU for 8 years. He has been the Lead Pastor since April 2018. He is passionate about helping people understand the love of Jesus and growing in their relationship with God.


He also enjoys Taco Bell, skateboarding, playing guitar, sports and having fun!

Ruby Santiago is a singer songwriter and performer from Cleveland, Ohio who lives to spread the love of God through music and fellowship. She is family oriented and believes in living life holistically (in body, spirit, soul and mind). Ruby is currently working on releasing her first EP. As of now she can be found on Instagram @officialrubysantiago. 

Sheepsquatch is a West Virginia-based electronic musician. 

Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones is a fully devoted mother and community leader in Morgantown, WV. She spends countless amounts of hours building the brand of the European Wax Center in Morgantown, WV, where women can be treated to a wonderful makeover and other cosmetic services.

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